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Learning Disability Coalition

Welcome to the Learning Disability Coalition


In 2007 several organisations came together to form the Learning Disability Coalition to campaign against cuts and for better funding for social care for people with learning disabilities.

In 2012 the LDC launched 15 agreements that are needed to make things better for people with learning disabilities by 2022. You can read 'Agreeing Together - a contract for the future' here and sign up for the contract here. Please print and display the signed agreements.

The LDC is now working as part of the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group and the Care and Support Alliance you can contact us at
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Members of the Learning Disability Coalition

Association for Real Change

British Institute of Learning Disabilities

Down's Syndrome Association

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

The Hesley Group


National Autistic Society

People First

Real Life Options


The National Forum for People with Learning Difficulties

National Family Carer Network

Turning Point

United Response


Voluntary Organisations Disability Group